Deutsch I moved to a new flat, and therefore had to dissect some furniture. Transportation went fine, and afterwards, why not restructure some of the pallet furniture? This was mandatory for the pallet sofa which didn’t fit in its old L-Form, but with the double bed, i changed some details which i now really like. In the former version, the mattress was positioned quite “on top” of the bed, now […]

Deutsch This pallet bed version is quite simple and was built quickly. With all needed stuff at hand, its a “should be done through the weekend” thing. Since i wanted to finish it over a weekend without having everything i wished for at hand, i had to deal with the stuff i had, that was fine, too. The compromises were made at spots invisible after the full assembly, though. Starting […]

Deutsch This pallet king size bed isn’t a “pure” pallet bed: pallets are the material of choise for the frame surrounding the mattress, while the base structure is created with simple wooden beams and the boards of a slatted frame mounted on these. You’ll need (Basics) • about 10 m wooden beams (6×8 cm are fully ok, thinner should do, too • 2 pallets (euro standard or disposeable • fittings, […]

Deutsch To build a full size bed from pallets is not completely trivial – pallets have the ideal form factor for a single bed (90-100 cm wide), but if you want something bigger, you have to work with several, rearranged pallet parts. Here, for brevity, only the results are shown (building process see here) – a pallet double bed with 1.40m wide mattress and generous utility space all around – […]