Deutsch Regarding germany, the point is quite clear: i don’t see any risks connected to the use of pallets in diy furniture, apart from the occasional splinters in fingers during processing. I have to admit that for quite long i wasn’t aware about the typical treatments of wood pallets, though i assumed – correctly, again regarding germany – that there is no toxic tratment of standard euro pallets, and definitely […]

Deutsch Unprocessed pallets are generally not suitable for living areas. A new, unused pallet is a fine thing, but even those are normally not directly useable – splinters and dust are becoming rather unpleasant fast. A “usual” pallet tends to be used ans is therefore often dirty, dusty, scratched etc. An old pallet may look nice, but has become scruffy, has brittle boards, is wet, greyed out or even moldy. […]

Deutsch The nice thing about palettes: their structure is quite crude and coarse. Say, you can (and have to) work/deal with structures which usually don’t have to be accurate to the millimeter. In fact, it’s quite difficult to do so, and a significant part of the charm of the results: slightly crude, slightly improvised, but nicely structured and quite natural. So, what tools what do you need? Tools to work […]