Deutsch This pallet king size bed isn’t a “pure” pallet bed: pallets are the material of choise for the frame surrounding the mattress, while the base structure is created with simple wooden beams and the boards of a slatted frame mounted on these. You’ll need (Basics) • about 10 m wooden beams (6×8 cm are fully ok, thinner should do, too • 2 pallets (euro standard or disposeable • fittings, […]

Deutsch To build a full size bed from pallets is not completely trivial – pallets have the ideal form factor for a single bed (90-100 cm wide), but if you want something bigger, you have to work with several, rearranged pallet parts. Here, for brevity, only the results are shown (building process see here) – a pallet double bed with 1.40m wide mattress and generous utility space all around – […]