Deutsch For the record: Triangular pallet desk, part 1. It took half a Sunday afternoon from here to completition, quicker than I thought. From an old bed, i had some chipboards left i used for the substructure. You can use something like that, i also thought about cutting some old IKEA Ivar shelves in form, but maybe they’ll serve better otherwise. These old bed boards were of no use for […]

Deutsch I thought i wouldn’t get another chance to test the useability of palklets for building tables, but i was wrong: my wife wished for a pallet dwesk, too, only smaller as the first pallet desk and, well, triangular. Pallet material is currently available and after having defined the form and size, i could begin with the actual work. Even better: i had a reason to buy the long wished-for […]

Deutsch My first approach to pallet desks is recommended only partially. I’m happy with the end result, but this neends not to be the case with everyone. From the aesthetical point of view, everything is perfectly fine, as it is for the practical advantages of pallet furniture in general. On the other hand theres the known phenomena that you always have to work with a little tolerance regarding precision with […]

Deutsch Pallets are large and bulky, and what you build with them, tends to be large, too: thats not entirely true. If you use a single pallet appropriately, it can be quite fun to build smaller pieces of furniture. The following shoe rack was rather a short tinkering on the occasion, as some shoe pillars started to annoy me. The time spent on it: about two hours, so thats a […]

Deutsch Regarding germany, the point is quite clear: i don’t see any risks connected to the use of pallets in diy furniture, apart from the occasional splinters in fingers during processing. I have to admit that for quite long i wasn’t aware about the typical treatments of wood pallets, though i assumed – correctly, again regarding germany – that there is no toxic tratment of standard euro pallets, and definitely […]

Deutsch Third and final stage. (previous tasks: pallet sofa: first constructions, pallet sofa: diy session two). In session two I already mentioned that the foam mattresses arrived recently. Two mattresses, eight centimeter thick foam, 200×120 cm, that should be enough (it was). I had to do a bit of patchwork and plan the cutting quite good. I had very few offcut afterwards, thats fine. OTOH, most foam parts “in one […]

Deutsch Second stage: Since the first pallet sofa DIY session, a package arrived with a two 2x2m 8cm foam plascic boards. At the hardware store i bought six meter timber beams (6x8cm thick), and an electric staple gun. Today, the wooden framework was completed – sofa parts with backrests are completed, so is the base structure. First, the remaining backrest assemblys. The longer part of the L-Shape has now also […]

Deutsch What follows was partly experimental: i wrote this text while the sofa wasn’t finisted as the first of three blogposts documenting the progress on a pallet sofa. Spoiler: the blog icon to the left shows the finisted thing. It worked, and its great, yay! Nevertheless: i’ll leave in the “i don’t know yet” stuff in this blogpost, for i really didn’t, and it shows quite good how a project […]