Deutsch We have a new roommate, who needs some home furniture. I still have some spare wood from the bark beetle wood action lately (the dressing table), so it comes to mind to build a cat scratching post with an integrated cat villa with viewing platforms. Once again, no “pure pallet furniture” project – one “raw pallet part” used, a half, modified Euro pallet. Confession: i also dismantled material from […]

Deutsch After part one of the Steampunk desk construction, now on to the second and last. And a lot of detail work, but I’m getting ahead. The plan: a desk made of of two halves, each with a “computer cabinet”, one speaker, one display and a dashboard – the first with the amplifier and the small TOR server, the second with the workstation. Technically, both computers in the respective cabinets, […]

Deutsch Pallets are large and bulky, and what you build with them, tends to be large, too: thats not entirely true. If you use a single pallet appropriately, it can be quite fun to build smaller pieces of furniture. The following shoe rack was rather a short tinkering on the occasion, as some shoe pillars started to annoy me. The time spent on it: about two hours, so thats a […]

Deutsch Regarding germany, the point is quite clear: i don’t see any risks connected to the use of pallets in diy furniture, apart from the occasional splinters in fingers during processing. I have to admit that for quite long i wasn’t aware about the typical treatments of wood pallets, though i assumed – correctly, again regarding germany – that there is no toxic tratment of standard euro pallets, and definitely […]

Deutsch What follows was partly experimental: i wrote this text while the sofa wasn’t finisted as the first of three blogposts documenting the progress on a pallet sofa. Spoiler: the blog icon to the left shows the finisted thing. It worked, and its great, yay! Nevertheless: i’ll leave in the “i don’t know yet” stuff in this blogpost, for i really didn’t, and it shows quite good how a project […]

Deutsch Unprocessed pallets are generally not suitable for living areas. A new, unused pallet is a fine thing, but even those are normally not directly useable – splinters and dust are becoming rather unpleasant fast. A “usual” pallet tends to be used ans is therefore often dirty, dusty, scratched etc. An old pallet may look nice, but has become scruffy, has brittle boards, is wet, greyed out or even moldy. […]

Deutsch To build a full size bed from pallets is not completely trivial – pallets have the ideal form factor for a single bed (90-100 cm wide), but if you want something bigger, you have to work with several, rearranged pallet parts. Here, for brevity, only the results are shown (building process see here) – a pallet double bed with 1.40m wide mattress and generous utility space all around – […]