Deutsch While my original pallet sofa was L-shaped, i had a problem after moving into my new flat: the previous form would not fit into my kitchen, where the DIY-Sofa should have its new place. Btw., regarding moving to a different flat: transportation etc. was totally ok – of course the three sofa elements were some of the more clumsier furniture pieces to be moved, but they’re stabnle, they’re quite […]

Deutsch Third and final stage. (previous tasks: pallet sofa: first constructions, pallet sofa: diy session two). In session two I already mentioned that the foam mattresses arrived recently. Two mattresses, eight centimeter thick foam, 200×120 cm, that should be enough (it was). I had to do a bit of patchwork and plan the cutting quite good. I had very few offcut afterwards, thats fine. OTOH, most foam parts “in one […]

Deutsch Second stage: Since the first pallet sofa DIY session, a package arrived with a two 2x2m 8cm foam plascic boards. At the hardware store i bought six meter timber beams (6x8cm thick), and an electric staple gun. Today, the wooden framework was completed – sofa parts with backrests are completed, so is the base structure. First, the remaining backrest assemblys. The longer part of the L-Shape has now also […]

Deutsch What follows was partly experimental: i wrote this text while the sofa wasn’t finisted as the first of three blogposts documenting the progress on a pallet sofa. Spoiler: the blog icon to the left shows the finisted thing. It worked, and its great, yay! Nevertheless: i’ll leave in the “i don’t know yet” stuff in this blogpost, for i really didn’t, and it shows quite good how a project […]